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Hold, earn and repeat for better interest rates on your cryptocurrencies on Coinhako.

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Seamless access to better interest rates on Coinhako

Coinhako's mission has always been to provide seamless access for everyone to the crypto-economy. With Coinhako Earn, we endeavour to do the same and provide seamless access to yield-generating cryptocurrency products for everyone.

Enjoy an intuitive and hassle-free experience with some of the best interest rates when you hold your cryptocurrencies with us.

Calculate your crypto earnings
Pick a cryptocurrency with relevant APY, enter an amount and select the time frame to find out how much interest you can earn.
Select crypto to earn
APY | 2.75%
Deposit amount
The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the actual return rate that will be earned if the interest is compounded in one year. APY varies among Earn products and product durations. Open the drop-down menu to see the best rate for each asset. Or click "Earn now" to see more products and rates.
Your total balance after 2 years
105.575625 MATIC
This is the approximate total value of the principal amount and expected interest of your deposited Earn assets.
Expected 2-year interest: 5.575625 MATIC
2 Year
0 Year1 Year3 Year4 Year
Hold Crypto, Earn and Repeat in a few steps
Earn crypto with coinhako earn step 1
Step 1: Log into Coinhako on IOS, Android or Web, and click the "Earn" tab.
Step 2: Select any available crypto and press "Earn now".
Step 3: Input how much and how often you would like to move funds to Earn.
Step 4: Start Earning!

Why choose Coinhako to earn Crypto?

We offer best-in-class client service and support, plus leading protection measures to ensure you have peace of mind.


Trusted name since 2014

The Coinhako name is renowned for our crypto management, trading and wallet custody services, having served the APAC market since as early as 2014.


Seamless management of assets

Coinhako customers can view their asset balances and accrued interest on a consolidated page, and crypto is received instantly upon completion of any Coinhako Earn products. All of which are further complemented by our market renowned fiat on and off ramp services for access to crypto.


World-class security

We implement industry-leading security protocols across our platform on par with top financial institutions.

Crypto Interest Rates For You

Enjoy a variety of crypto for you to earn interest and diversify your portfolio.

APY Up to
967,754.10426025 / 1,000,000 MATIC